Red Teaming for Project Managers (RT4PM) is a framework that provides guidance to system owners and managers in assuring the greatest value from a red-team cybersecurity engagement. The process was developed and refined by experienced cybersecurity red-teamers in CASA and its predecessor organizations at Sandia National Laboratories. Over many years, RT4PM has been implemented successfully by a broad range of red-team customers that includes the U.S. military, civilian government agencies and the owners of privately held critical infrastructure facilities.

The video below provides a quick walk-through of the RT4PM process, reviewing the four basic steps that can maximize the effectiveness of any red-team cybersecurity assessment. CASA red-teaming lead Benjamin Anderson also highlights the RT4PM resources that will help you ask the right questions – and make the right choices – to meet your security needs

The CASA organization offers classroom training sessions, onsite at Sandia, in RT4PM principles and practices. Contact us at casa@sandia.gov to schedule a session. Also, watch this space for access to an online version of that training, set to become available early in FY22.